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I genuinely want to know how your day was or what you think about this blog. I want to connect but if you don’t email me, we can’t :C

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2 thoughts on “Talk to me, pretty please?

  1. Hi Damsel, I wanted to comment further on your blogpost about sexual harassment. I did some digging to clarify the definitions and would like to reaffirm my assertion that the story doesn’t quite fit sexual harassment. It’s more like (at least from my perspective) sexual assault or rape. I understand people may feel triggered by your use of the word, and I respect your right to use whatever words you feel are appropriate.

    I guess I didn’t see it as harassment because the woman being violated here is not clearly shown to be in a subordinate position, such as a student or employee. Because you mentioned penetration against the will of this imaginary woman, I concluded that this was rape or at least sexual assault.

    Here is a link to USA today clarifying the three and I hope you will read it so you can have the knowledge for future writings. You’re not responsible for peoples reactions to your posts though, so I would write from your heart and let the chips fall where they may.

    Cheers fellow blogger!


  2. Firstly, thank you for such an educated and researched comment. I appreciate your genuine efforts to educate me.

    Secondly, I hereby understand that my use of the word harassment was wrong. Given the fact that English is my third language, I hope you find it within you to excuse my use of the wrong word.

    Cheers to you, too! ❤


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