Ouch, that hurt!

Hurt.  I’m sure we’ve all used that word. We all get hurt and we all hurt others too. I think the only way we can run away from hurt in the most general sense is by living in solitude our entire lives, from the time we’re born to the time we breathe our last, and we all know that cannot happen in real life. You cannot just shove a newborn into a forest and expect him or her to survive. So we all get hurt. The strength varies depending on the person who hurts, the issue and the person we are. But how do we control it? The answer to that question is what everyone wants to know, including me. But I’ve given up on the search. I’ve come up with my own answer. This is my answer:


Don’t control it. Yes, it’s as simple as that. If it’s hurting, let it. Don’t try to control it. Cry. Let it out. But don’t give up. Whatever happens, don’t give up. Instead, change yourself for the better. Pain changes people in a lot of ways.  But you choose the way. Do you want to be someone who is bitter and is irritable always or someone who is optimistic and strong? Someone who is stone cold and shut off from the outside world or someone perky and sensitive to everyone’s feeling?  It’s your choice. You get to choose because it’s your life. But make the correct choice because it’ll affect you the most. Choose who gets to hurt you. Choose wisely and don’t let everyone because you’re special and only special people should have the power to make you cry. If you’re in any kind of relationship that hurts you, try talking to the other person about it and if they still continue to do the same thing that hurts you, its time you got out that relationship. If there’s anything that frustrates you, do something to change it. And if you can’t, wait until something can be done. Stay positive, good times are always around the corner.


Remember: In the end, everything will be okay. If it isn’t, it isn’t the end.

Tell me how you stay positive in your hard times in the comment section below. Also, got any amazing ideas? Please feel free to tell me.

See you around!



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